Our Mission is to Improve Simulation Training Affordably.

Fidelity Flight Simulation, Inc. was co-founded by:

  • An airline captain who recognized the value of full motion flight simulation in his professional training, and envisioned the use of similar simulation at every level of aviation training.
  • An engineer and business man pilot who had used ISD and could understand pilots’ training needs in ISD terms.
  • An ex-carrier pilot and business man who recognized the need for improvement in general aviation training devices.

We believe that today’s technology can provide superior simulation training devices at lower costs. We have the expertise to replicate the most complex environments at a new standard of affordability. Smart application of today’s technologies together with our unique motion systems means Fidelity Flight Simulation, Inc. is able to provide all elements for total sensory flight immersion.

Innovation is our hallmark. Many simulation advancements in use today were pioneered here and copied by others. Digitally displayed instrumentation, electric motion cueing, and the high-resolution LCD Mosaic Wall™ external display are examples of our leadership in the field.

These advancements in simulation can be applied to other industries. In 2010, we took on the task of building a Ballast Control Simulator for the Offshore Drilling industry. It was designed to replicate the full range of possibilities found in the complex, dynamic environment of today’s offshore drilling rigs.

With this new technology and experience, Fidelity Flight Simulation, Inc. is not limited to the aviation industry and our name should not give that impression. Therefore, we became:

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