6 Degrees-of-Freedom Motion Systems

What does MOTUS mean? It is Latin for "motion".

F2Si is unique in being able to offer full motion flight simulation at an economical price. The all-electric design of the MOTUS simulation device is extremely reliable and avoids all the maintenance headaches associated with older hydraulic designs. And unlike many other electric base designs, the motion itself is smooth and quiet.

F2Si's patented motion base interface flies like the real thing. Similar to Level D simulators costing tens of millions, the MOTUS simulation device includes "washout" and other techniques to provide the same vestibular cues found in actual flight. A "Disorient" function is also available to provide motion cues out-of-sync with the flight parameters, and drive the trainee to focus Motion BAseon the instruments.

In MOTUS devices, turbulence and wind shear are not theoretical phenomena. The turbulence function "loads" a pilot and provides a level of authenticity that is simply unavailable in fixed-base training devices.

There's never been a question as to whether motion cueing is desirable - only whether motion cueing is worth the rather significant additional cost. But the cost of the MOTUS simulation device is comparable to - or less than - an equivalent fixed-base design. Since pilots and insurance underwriters alike dramatically prefer full-motion flight simulation to training in static devices, MOTUS can uniquely drive the growth of a flight-training organization.