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F2Si also offer a mid-level training solution, these simulators offer higher levels of fidelity and immersions than basic-level simulators.  They offer various training capabilities that can range cockpit procedural training, emergency procedure training, navigation, advanced flight maneuvers, instrument training, and crew resource training. These mid level devices are under the F2Si Flight Deck product line.


The Flight Deck Product line of flight training devices are designed to prepare students for flying the actual aircraft without consuming costly flight
hours. Students improve their knowledge and skills for normal and emergency procedures in a safe environment.

Students can log flight hours while training on a FAA Certified Aircraft Training Device (ATD). Our Flight Deck devices can be designed to meet
the FAA's Basic or Advanced ATD levels. A complete system will include all components necessary for IFR/VFR basic flight training, normal/abnormal
procedural training, and emergency training.


F2Si provides full system integration for any aircraft type (Fixed Wing or Rotorcraft) on devices that can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS). 


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