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Simulation and Training Devices:

Custom Design, Engineering & Fabrication

Specializing in customized flight simulation and training devices, F2Si designs and fabricates fixed wing and rotorcraft training devices of different levels of complexity and fidelity:  Advanced Aircraft Training Devices (AATD), Flight Training Devices (FTD), Cockpit Procedural Trainers (CPT), Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (FNPT I, FNPTII), Reconfigurable and Multi-Aircraft Devices, Mobile Training Systems, Cockpit Instrumentation and Components, Linked and Collective training, and Virtual Reality Trainers.  Utilizing in-house innovations and incorporating new technologies from around the simulation and training industry, F2Si provides valuable and cost-effective simulation throughout the United States of America and Internationally. 


F2Si simulation devices come packed with features and customizable options that include:  Instructor Operator Station (IOS) with integrated voice and video communication; fully dynamic weather and atmospheric control; worldwide terrain database; customized high-definition airports, cities, and critical locations; After Action Review (AAR) and playback features; training session video and data recording; training scenario development and integration.


Through internal development or integration with industry partners, any training feature or simulation system option can be supported by F2Si throughout our range of devices.  Motion systems:  sound based vibration cues; motion seats; motion cueing actuators; full 6 DoF platforms.  Visual systems:  LCD mosaic walls; single and multi-projector systems; collimated visual displays; night vision goggle (NVG) capabilities.  Control Loading:  mechanically linked; fly-by-wire linked controls; fully configurable, dynamic control loading systems.  Special mission equipment package simulation:  spotlights; external cameras and FLIR; weapons systems; sling-load and hoist capabilities.


F2Si maintains an experienced staff of engineers and technicians that specialize in creating and fabricating simulation devices with precisely replicated vehicle systems, avionics, navigation equipment, and flight dynamics modeling with or without OEM data.  The engineering staff includes dedicated electrical, software, mechanical, and aerodynamic disciplines that contribute their expertise to the multitude of systems and subsystems that comprise a complex simulation device.  Whether OEM equipment is required or needs duplicated, F2Si’s staff can populate any flight deck and cockpit with exactly what is demanded by the training requirements and vehicle specifications.  Major providers of avionics flight decks such as Universal, Rockwell Collins, Garmin, and Honeywell have previously been stimulated or simulated within F2Si training devices. 

F2Si strives to serve the simulation and training needs of all flight schools and training centers.  F2Si has worked with private industry customers, militaries, and governments for nearly 20 years and has options available to cover any budget and training mission.  Whether you’re a flight school, private airport, university, flight training center, or aircraft operator F2Si can meet and exceed your simulation expectations with customized solutions and personal customer service.  F2Si has designed and built devices for popular aircraft from major manufacturers such as Cessna, Cirrus, Airbus, Beechcraft, Piper, Bell, Lockheed Martin, Quest, and works with customers to provide exceptional service and training value to pilots and students, no matter what they fly. 

Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2000, F2Si is a veteran owned small business that has been providing certified (FAA, EASA, ICAO, TCCA) simulation and training devices to the commercial and defense industries for nearly 20 years.  F2Si prides itself on working with its customers to understand their training requirements to develop a solution together that will provide the best value and the best solution.

Our mission is to create and deliver affordable, highly dynamic simulators

across the training industry.

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Past Products

Since 2000 F2Si has successfully manufactured 50-65 simulation training devices.  In our past simulation experience, we have produced simulation devices for both the private and government sectors, providing a range of rotorcraft, fixed wing, and other devices.  These devices range from simple avionic trainers to 6 DOF full motion FTDs.   We have had devices certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, and the European Aviation Safety Agency. 


We have experience with …  


  • Simulated avionics 

  • Stimulated avionics 

  • Rehosted avionics 

  • Using real aircraft cockpits and interiors 

  • Creating realistic cockpit structures from scratch 

  • Simulating aircraft systems 

  • Custom failure scenarios 

  • Aerodynamic flight modeling 

  • Dynamic control loading 

  • Motion systems 


F2Si has experience making simulation solutions that fit a wide range of needs.   We pride ourselves with working with our customer to tailor a simulation solution that will fit both their training needs and budget.