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F2Si  provides advanced avionics, EFIS displays, autopilot and flight management integration, and power systems for any aircraft type. 

F2Si’s systems offer advanced training capabilities that provide high value cockpit procedural training, emergency procedure training, navigation, advanced flight maneuvers, instrument training, and crew resource training.  Certification of these simulation training devices as Advanced Aviation Training Devices (FAA AATD), Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer

(EASA FNPT I, FNPT II, MCC), or Flight Training Device (FTD) can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS).

F2Si has worked closely with aircraft manufacturers to source parts directly from the production line and has found salvage components that can be offered at lower costs. 

F2Si offers a family of rotorcraft simulation devices that provide advanced rotor dynamics and the necessary flight control “feel” characteristics and systems integration for any application.

Enclosed cockpit helicopter simulators provide advanced rotor dynamics and accurate helicopter maneuvers, from hover to auto-rotations, in a completely duplicated cockpit, immersed in wrap-around visuals atop a full motion base.




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