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F2Si offers many options to tailor the system to meet any training curriculum. We offer a number of aircraft, fixed wing or rotorcraft, for our desktop-only
option. The MTS is a Desktop-only unit complete with a joystick or select additional flight control options.  This basic simulator is part of the F2Si Flight Deck line of simulators.

Students can log flight hours while training on an FAA Certified Aircraft Training Device (ATD). Our Flight Deck devices can be designed to meet
the FAA's Basic or Advanced ATD levels. A complete system will include all components necessary for IFR/VFR basic flight training, normal/abnormal
procedural training, and emergency training.

The features of this entry level simulator are:

  • FAA BATD certification

  • Common single/duel engine flight models available

  • Designed for expansion :

    • Adding a seat

    • Adding multiple aircraft models

    • Adding flight controls

    • Expanded visuals


F2Si provides full system integration for any aircraft type (Fixed Wing or Rotorcraft) on devices that can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS). 

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