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Commercial Market 

F2Si can help and serve all flight schools and training centers with their simulation and training needs.  F2Si has worked with private industry customers for nearly 20 years and has options available to cover any budget and training capabilities.


Whether you’re a flight school, private airport, university, flight training center, or aircraft operator F2Si can meet and exceed your simulation expectations with customized solutions and personal customer service.


F2Si’s Desktop Simulators, Basic Aviation Training Devices (BATD), and Reconfigurable Training Devices (RTD) can provide cost effective training and are a great way to bolster your capabilities.  Designed to model multiple aircraft and be future capable for expansion and upgrades, these devices are tailored to match our customers’ training needs. 

Our more complex Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD) and Flight Training Devices (FTD) come packed with high fidelity features that will increase your creditable hours and help you maximize your investment in flight simulation training.   

F2Si has designed and built devices for popular training aircraft from major manufacturers such as Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Piper, Kodiak, and will work with you to provide exceptional service and training value to your pilots and students, no matter what they fly.

International Market 

F2Si maintains the capabilities to work internationally with training centers, flight schools, and government agencies across the globe to provide simulation and training solutions that will meet any regulatory agency requirements and exceed customer expectations. 

F2Si will build to fit your training requirements and governing body regulations (EASA, ICAO...).  Worldwide shipping, installation, and training of our equipment ensures that no matter where you train, F2Si will deliver of a quality flight training solution. 

F2Si has designed and built devices for popular training aircraft from major manufacturers such as Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Airbus, Piper, Kodiak, and will work with you to provide exceptional service and training value to your pilots and students, no matter what they fly. 

Available Device Types:  Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD); Basic Instrument Training Device (BITD); Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT I, FNPT II) with Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC); Flight Training Devices (FTD). 

Our customers

Our customers include top organizations in military and government, academia, commercial aviation, flight training, offshore oil rig, and more. A sample list of customers and their usage of the simulation devices is below.

You may have different training device needs and they most likely can be satisfied using one of F2Si’s simulation training devices.  Contact us to discuss your training requirements.