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Simulator Components:  Avionics, Switch & Control Panels, Controls:


F2Si can provide individual simulator components built to match any vehicle type or model, and to fit into any level of certification.  F2Si’s team of design engineers and manufacturing services allows for a complete product cycle from beginning to end.  F2Si can produce components such as:  Instrument Control Panels (ICP), Intercom System Panels (ICS), Autopilot Mode Selector (APMS), Caution Advisory Display (CAD), Navigation Display (ND), Primary Flight Display (PFD), Reconfiguration Control Unit (RCU), Vehicle & Engine Monitoring Display (VEMD), Video Display Unit (VDU), Circuit Breaker Panels, Annunciator Panels, Flight Controls, Wet Compass, and many more.


The components are designed as Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) with quick disconnects to allow for replacement and service if required.  F2Si captures and design the LRUs with the specific function and operation of each system and subsystem. The movement, look, and tactile feel of knobs and switches will replicate those in the aircraft.  Flight-quality switches will be used to withstand the rigorous handling typically encountered in an intensive flight-training simulation environment. 

F2Si’s components can support a variety of communication protocols to include RS232, RS485, RS422, ARINC 429, CAN, and Ethernet.  Discrete components and options for night vision goggle (NVG) backlighting are also available. 

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F2Si has other components available including:

  • Arc231 Transfer/Fill Panel 

    • Replica UH72 Panel 

    • NVG Backlighting

  • Control Panels 

    • Switch Panels 

    • Circuit Breaker Panels 

  • Poppable breakers 

  • Standard Circuit Breakers 

  • Annunciator Panels 

  • Custom Annunciator panels for any style of aircraft 

  • Warning Units 

  • Flight Controls 

  • Rudder Pedals


F2Si’s components can support a variety of communication protocols to include RS232, RS485, RS422, ARINC 429, CAN, and Ethernet.  Discrete components are also available. 

In the past, F2Si would utilize authentic aircraft parts to provide the look and feel of the simulated device.  At times the actual components would drive up costs or were simply unobtainable. Our latest project, UH-72A Synthetic Flight Training System (SFTS) for the US Army National Guard (ARNG), F2Si was faced with a similar challenge. To meet the needs of the ARNG crew training, which required realistic function of the aircraft’s controls, avionics, mechanical controls, and cockpit structure, F2Si successfully designed and manufactured many cockpit instruments. The items shown here represent only a few of the F2Si manufactured components. 


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