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Customer Support

F2Si is committed to quality customer service that is easily accessible and extremely responsive.  Support technicians can be accessed via phone and email, and issues are managed as a team effort through a consistently updated ticketing system.  Support is available outside of normal business hours and seven days per week.


Solutions are documented and recorded for easy case tracking and customer needs analysis, with each technical department having the capability to review and support.  Each team member is involved with the design and production of our devices, and therefore has a thorough understanding of our products in their entirety.


As our ticketing system and knowledgebase have evolved, updates have been made to the customer service workflow involving robust management software and overall project management.  As a result we have been able to perform greater statistical analysis and apply improvements consistently that have allowed us to raise customer expectations on a regular basis.

If support is needed or you have any questions about our customer support feel free to contact us here:


Phone (412) 321-3280


(412) 446-0071