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Fixed Wing


F2Si's fixed wing simulation devices offer affordable solutions across a range of fidelity and certifications for any aircraft type.

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Complete Cockpit Reproduction - Full Flight Immersion

F2Si’s Type Specific Training Devices offer advanced training capabilities that provide high value cockpit procedural training, emergency procedure training, navigation, advanced flight maneuvers, instrument training, and crew resource training.  Certification of these simulation training devices as Advanced Aviation Training Devices (FAA AATD), Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (EASA FNPT I, FNPT II, MCC), or Flight Training Device (FTD) can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS).


Fixed wing aircraft simulation training devices are available and are built to meet certification requirements of the major global regulatory agencies:  FAA, EASA, ICAO.  Flexible and customized options of F2Si’s aircraft simulators include multiple visual system options, advanced glass cockpit avionics packages, full cockpit replication, open flight deck or enclosed cockpit, integrated Instructor Operator Station (IOS), high definition global terrain database, dynamic control loading, reconfigurable controls and avionics, motion cueing or 6 Dof motion platforms.


Pilot training needs are the central focus at F2Si.  Design decisions and system capabilities are based on a comprehensive training needs analysis.  Building piloting skills and competence to accurately perform procedures and reinforcing theoretical knowledge of aircraft system operations and behaviors in a safe and repeatable environment is a minimum standard level achieved in F2Si’s training devices.

F2Si can provide the ideal solution for a total training experience.

Total Training Solution - Precision Aircraft Simulation

Motion demonstration for the Citation Ultra simulator

F2Si’s Fixed Base training device provides thorough, cost-effective training for any Aircraft

The enhancements in aviation aircraft technology replace the "six-pack" instrument displays" on older aircraft with newer glass avionics. F2Si provides flight simulation devices that meet the level of specificity for the advanced avionics systems. There’s a lot more to know, which means training – thorough, accurate, lifelike training – is more important than ever.

F2Si’s Fixed Base device hasn’t forgotten about the traditional instruments either.  The Fixed Base device can be offered with either the traditional ‘six pack’ or any of the newest advanced glass Avionics (such Garmin G1000, Universal 890R, ProLine 21 and more) as a cost-effective training package.



All devices are designed to incorporate the best mixture of OEM equipment, touch-screens and replica panels to meet your needs.  A device built with all touch-screens may fit within your monetary constraints, or if a larger budget is available, the device can use replica parts to mimic the specific needs of your training program.  And for the most stringent needs, the OEM components can be incorporated to provide 100% authentic operation and tactile feel. 

Have an aircraft that uses side panels?  These can be included as well.  The Fixed Base device’s unique design can be built with folding side panels.  These swing out to let the trainee enter the seat and fold/lock closed to allow full training to be conducted.  Unlock and swing open to allow the trainee to exit the device.



Classrooms don’t always allow for a spacious device.  The Fixed Base device provides not only cost effective training, but in a compact footprint.  Modular design allows it to be broken down into pieces that can not only be lifted by two people, but fit though a standard 36” doorway.  This can prevent the need to remodel your room’s access way.



While the device is customizable to meet your needs, some standard features that offer a starting point can be:

  • Easy reconfiguration for different class of aircraft

  • Accommodates traditional round dial instruments or complex advance Avionics

  • Dual flight control training – ideal for flight instruction or crew resource management training

  • Instructor’s Operating Station. Control wide spectrum of training parameters, including: weather, weight/balance, full menu of failures for each avionics system, and more

  • 40” LCD external visual display

  • Worldwide database for terrain, airports, and navigation

  • Modular design for easy access, expansion and replacement of components

  • Durable construction


In this Fixed Base device that represents a King Air RC-12X, touch-screens were used for the instrument panel, but a salvage throttle quadrant and yokes were installed next to replica hardware knee panels.

Download the F2Si Fixed Base brochure here.

A portable simulation and training system for Garmin’s powerful avionics suite

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station (MTS) is a compact avionics simulation package. The MTS uses the OEM displays from Garmin.  They work like the real aircraft parts because they are the real aircraft parts. This system comes in a small desktop configuration that easily collapses into a convenient carrying case.

All the benefits of Garmin’s G1000 integrated avionics are available only to the well-trained pilot. The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station by F2Si Flight Simulation is the smallest, most transportable, and least expensive G1000 training system using actual Garmin components.

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station includes the Garmin integrated GFC-700 autopilot controls. Navigation, approach, altitude, vertical speed and flight level change operations are all provided. The GFC-700 autopilot also includes the sophisticated vertical navigation (VNV) operations found in the Cessna Nav III configuration, along with control wheel steering and go-around commands. F2Si Flight Simulation provides all the advanced autopilot capability the Garmin G1000 has to offer.

Need the latest firmware update or newest ancillary feature?  F2Si can provide various options such as Synthetic Vision (SVT), TAWS or a recent update.  As Garmin issues new updates, F2Si works on incorporating them into the G1000 training devices.  These updates can be purchased if desired.  

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station comes complete with a laptop computer and powerful flight simulation software. The laptop can be placed on top of the PFD to double as an external display view. A topographical, airport, and navaid database is provided for the continent of use. The Instructor can place the aircraft in any location, adjust weather conditions, and invoke a wide range of aircraft and G1000 failures. These G1000 malfunctions include GIA 1 or GIA 2, the Air Data Computer, AHRS System, engine/airframe unit, autopilot, and many other faults.

Need to take your flight training on the road? The G1000 Mobile Training Station collapses into a convenient case for easy mobility. Around the office, in a business aircraft, on a commercial flight, or by ground shipment, system setup and tear-down can be done in minutes. The mobility and flexibility of the Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station maximizes training utility and ensures value for your customers and your organization.

Options for G1000 Mobile Training Station

  • F2Si can also provide the following ancillary features:

  • Synthetic vision, chart view, and TAWS.  These features are loaded easily and provide the same capabilities as you would expect in the aircraft. 

  • Table platform. Elevates the unit from table surface (about 3”), making it easier to operate the lower controls. Includes space to conceal power supply and wires. Platform has the same finish as the MTS, giving the entire assembly a sleek and seamless appearance.

  • Yoke and rudder pedals. Control the same features as the joystick.

Contact us for more information on the G1000 Mobile Training Station and download the brochure here.


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