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F2Si offers a high-level training solution with higher levels of fidelity and immersions then our other levels of devices.  They offer advanced training capabilities that provide high value cockpit procedural training, emergency procedure training, navigation, advanced flight maneuvers, instrument training, and crew resource training.   


We offer simulators which can be certified up to an FAA Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 7 or EASA FTD Level 2.   We will work with the customer to analyze their simulator requirements through our Training Needs Analysis process.    This will help them decide on the device best suited to their needs.   F2Si has worked closely with aircraft manufacturers to source parts directly from the production line and has found salvage components that can be offered at lower costs.  We can tailor this simulator to meet your needs and budget, below are some of the features that can be included: 


  • Visual system with a large field of view (FOV).   These can be either a Mosaic Wall, direct projected dome, or collimated dome.  

  • Motion cueing is offered either as a 6 DOF motion base or motion seats. 

  • With our 6 DOF motion base we can also provide Disorientation training features. 

  • Fully functional intercom and radio communication simulation. 

  • High fidelity aerodynamic modelling

  • Realistic type specific cockpit environment. 

  • Using actual aircraft avionics to provide their exact look, feel and operation. 


F2Si provides full system integration for any aircraft type (Fixed Wing or Rotorcraft) on devices that can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS). 



Maritime simulators provide a highly customizable and adaptive training experience within an enclosed control room environment:

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