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Government Market

Specializing in custom-built affordable simulation and training systems, F2Si has crafted training devices of different levels of complexity and fidelity since the year 2000. Utilizing in-house innovations and incorporating new technologies from around the simulation and training industry, F2Si provides all the elements for total sensory immersion and complete system delivery.

With recent experience as a Federal Prime and Subcontractor, F2Si has the proven capabilities to design, acquire, manufacture, and integrate all the major systems that comprise a dynamic simulator training system. The nearly 20 years of commercial and government experience allows F2Si to act as either a Prime, Team Member, or Subcontractor in any simulation and training opportunity. 


Federal Prime Contractor: UH-72a Lakota Synthetic Flight Training System 

Contracted under PEO STRI, F2Si designed and built eight synthetic flight training systems to simulate the UH-72A Lakota helicopter for the Army National Guard. Housed within a 53’ trailer, this complete training solution provides a platform for pilots to fly interactive missions and flight training tasks, as well as perform after action reviews in the same device. Advanced flight maneuvers and helicopter characteristics such as auto-rotations, tail rotor failures, ground effect and effective translational lift are all inherent to the flight model and provide a large, realistic flight envelope in which the pilots can train. 












Federal Subcontractor: RC-12 / MC-12 Reconfigurable Cockpit Procedural Trainer 

The RC-12X CPT supports cockpit procedural training for U.S. Army RC-12X aircraft equipped with the Universal Avionics 890R, Flight Management System (FMS), and related avionics subsystems. The RC-12X CPT was modified into a reconfigurable training device that adds the capability for cockpit procedural training of U.S. Army MC-12S aircraft equipped with the Pro Line 21 PFD, MDF, and dual FMS and related avionics subsystems. The modified training device is reconfigurable and referred to as the RC-12X/MC-12S CPT and provides training for both the RC-12X and the MC-12S design series aircraft. The system is comprised of all hardware and software necessary to serve as the medium for the training of RC-12X and MC-12S aircrews.