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Ballast Control Room Solution - Full Immersive Experience

F2Si’s enclosed ballast control room simulators provide the ideal solution for a total training experience:

  • Supports multitude of rig types

    • Single simulator can switch between oil rigs to facilitate versatile training.

    • Simulates both mooring and dynamic positioning systems.

    • Capable of modeling jack-up motor control for any leg configuration.

    • Supports unlimited number of hulls for multi-hull platforms.

  • Ballast control room replication

    • Control panels either simulated on a touch screen interface or manufactured in-house for full replication.

    • Control panels are produced either for generic training across a wide variety of oil rigs or specific to a precise vessel class/name to suit training needs.

  • 6 degrees of freedom motion base

    • Proven, quiet, and nearly maintenance-free; F2Si’s motion base unlocks the benefits of motion cueing at an affordable level.  Read more here…

  • Complete environmental and system control

    • Through an easy to use instructor station, operations of our devices can manage and control all aspects of training:  initial conditions, remote control of equipment, malfunctions, weather, and dynamic loads.

  • Advanced buoyancy and physics modeling

    • Uses hydrostatic tables to replicate accurate meta-centers, center of gravity, and depth.  Read more here…

    • Wire catenary physics is applied to mooring lines for precise mooring winch control.

    • Customizable soil compression to control spud-can punch through while simulating jack-up rigs.


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