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F2Si provides full system integration for any aircraft type (Fixed Wing or Rotorcraft) on devices that can help offset operational and recurrent training requirements in Full Flight Simulators (FFS). 

​F2Si’s systems offer advanced training capabilities that provide high value cockpit procedural training.  

Trainer Options Include:

  •  ​​​Full Cockpit replication​​

  • 6 degrees of freedom motion base​

  • Wrap-around visual immersion​

  • Failure scenarios designed for your training needs

  • Fixed Base Training Solution

Certification Levels

  • Advanced Aviation Training Devices (FAA AATD)

  • Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer (EASA FNPT I, FNPT II, MCC)

  • Flight Training Device (FTD)

Total Training Solution - Precision Aircraft Simulation


The ideal solution for a total training experience.

Comprehensive Ballast Solution – Leading Maritime Simulation

F2Si’s Maritime Simulation product line is designed to replicate the full range of possibilities found in today’s offshore drilling.

Maritime simulators provide a highly customizable and adaptive training experience within an enclosed control room environment:

  • Multitude of rig types

  • Ballast control room replication

  • 6 degrees of freedom motion base

  • Complete environmental and system control

  • Advanced buoyancy and physics modeling

Semisubmersible | DP | Jack up

Custom Avionics

Our extensive simulator experience has allowed us to expand our services.  Having crafted custom avionics and instrumentation for our own simulators, F2Si has become capable of expertly manufacturing custom hardware for use in training devices.  

Sourcing and using authentic manufacturer components in training devices is typically the best way to replicate the actual vehicle.  But only using OEM components can quickly drive up costs.  F2Si has successfully driven down the total cost of its devices by accurately reproducing and stimulating avionics and instruments in both fixed wing and rotorcraft cockpits. 

Whether you require a single unit, or multiple pieces, F2Si's design and manufacturing team can assist with sourcing manufacturer data, designing and making components, and integration into the training device.

Instrumentation and Hardware