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Fidelity Delivers Ballast Control Simulator

October 17, 2011

Fidelity Flight Simulation has delivered a full-motion oil rig Ballast Control Simulator to Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. of Houston, TX. The Ballast Control Simulator is designed to be reconfigurable between three oil rig classes – a two hull semi-submersible, a four hull semi-submersible, and a jack up rig. Fidelity performed a detailed Instructional System Design (ISD) Training Task Analysis to inventory all of Diamond Offshore’s training requirements and incorporate them into the design of the simulator.

The Ballast Control Simulator will allow Diamond Offshore to train in ballast control operations such as draining/filling tanks, reacting to weather conditions, shifting deck loads, and mooring cable movements, as well as emergencies like snapping mooring cables, punctured tanks, pump failures and, for jack up rigs, leg punch-through. To enhance training, Fidelity created tank tables specific to each rig class. The ISD Task Analysis also allows the Ballast Control Simulator to have custom instructor interface controls for rig operations, emergencies, weather, and sea state.

The Ballast Control Simulator incorporates Fidelity’s all-electric, 6-degree-of-freedom motion base and a detached Instructor Operating Station. A separate Observer Station includes a bank of LCDs allowing other students to monitor the training session in real time, or be used as a debriefing station after a session is complete. The Observer Station also shows the exterior view of the oil rig to demonstrate the effects of the operators’ actions and weather conditions.






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