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Fidelity delivers Cirrus SR 20/22 Persective by Garmin to first Cirrus Aircraft Simulator Center outside the U.S.

October 17, 2011

Fidelity Flight Simulation, Inc has just delivered a full motion Cirrus SR20/22 flight training device to Aero Poznan in Poland. The device is reconfigurable between the SR 20, SR 22 and SR 22 Turbo. Working closely with both Cirrus and Garmin directly, the device is highly type specific. A real cockpit was used along with OEM G1000 components. This provides the highest level of feel and functionality.

Located in Poznan, Poland, Aero Poznan is excited to be the first Cirrus Aircraft Simulator center located outside of the United States. Cirrus Aircraft US has endorsed their training which has reached pilots from Germany, UK and the Netherlands. Combining the full 6 degree of freedom motion system, 3 axis dynamic control loading and wrap around visual display a trainee gets the full effect when pulling the CAPS handle.


A user capture the CAPS deployment and posted a video on youtube. In the video below, startign at 1min 50 sec, you see the training device delivered by Fidelity Flight Simulation as the CPAS handle is pull, rocking the device as the aircraft would move.



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