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F2Si Diamond MATE Receives FAA Approval

Pittsburgh, PA. In September 2019, Fidelity Flight Simulation Incorporated dba F2Si received FAA approval of their Modular Aviation Training Equipment (MATE) as a certified Diamond DA20/40, Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD).


The FAA approval of the Diamond MATE AATD will benefit flight schools, students, and pilots. Now instrument rated pilots can legally maintain their instrument currency solely using this training tool. This AATD may also be used by student pilots to credit hours toward pilot certificates/ratings. Table 1 provides a chart listing hours (Part 61) or percent of total training time required (Part 141) a student pilot may credit in their logbook using F2Si’s Diamond MATE AATD.




There are many benefits of adding the certified Diamond MATE AATD to a flight school’s curriculum. It will lower a student pilot’s tuition. Flight schools will save time and maintenance on their aircraft. These devices provide the safest possible environment to train emergency scenarios. No more cancelled flight training lessons when the training aircraft is down for maintenance or unfavorable weather rolls in (high wind, low visibility, icing, etc.) and grounds the entire fleet. With F2Si’s Diamond MATE in a flight school’s arsenal, the school would never have to cancel another lesson.


The first Diamond MATE AATD was delivered to the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) located in Beaver Falls, PA. This version (configuration 1) of the MATE, shown in Figure 1, allows for training on both Diamond DA20 and DA40 flight models, emulated G1000 avionics suite, and includes a single channel visual system with an attached instructor station




Figure 1: F2Si’s DA20/40 MATE Configuration 1


The students prepare to fly the course curriculum with the realistic cues in day or night, VFR or IFR, meteorological conditions of the MATE, simulating various emergency situations/ failure scenarios in a safe environment. The skills learned in the MATE are transferred to training in an actual aircraft provided by CCBC's training partner ACES Aviation, located at the Beaver Country airport.


  “The MATE AATD is an invaluable training tool for their training program. The MATE provides a cost saving G1000 training solution that eliminates the costly training hours to of running an aircraft to learn the system. With winter coming bringing less than favorable weather conditions, the current training aircraft is not approved for icing, with the MATE students can continue to train year-round."


-CCBC’s Simulator Program Manager, Thomas Hupp


A second device (configuration 2) Figure 2 was delivered to Granite School District in Salt Lake City, UT in July 2019. The second configuration is a more robust and cockpit specific to the DA40 cockpit. The Diamond DA40 MATE incorporates all components of the cockpit in spatially correct location.


Figure 2: F2Si’s DA40 MATE Configuration 2


Both Diamond MATE configurations are a single-seat, open cockpit, AATDs equipped with a physically simulated representation of the G1000 panels for single engine aircraft training. The G1000 hardware includes Primary Flight Display (PFD)/ Multi-Function Display (MFD)/ Audio along with an integrated Autopilot panel. The MATE AATD includes Diamond style flight controls for stick-type pitch/roll, rudder pedals for yaw control, and standby instruments displayed on an LCD Monitor.


Call 412-321-3280 or email for more information on F2Si’s Diamond MATE AATD



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